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Hulu steps off of The Path after 3 seasons

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Photo: Craig Blankenhorn (Hulu)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hulu has canceled its cult drama The Path after three seasons, which is a good setup for some fun puns about paths—THR, for example, says that it’s “the end of the road” for the series, but you could also take the easy Path and simply say that Hulu has “come to the end of The Path.” The show starred Aaron Paul as a member of a spooky and dangerous cult led by Hugh Dancy, with Michelle Monaghan, Kyle Allen, and Emma Greenwell popping up as well for some solid cult excitement.


In a statement, series creator Jessica Goldberg said, “it was a gift to be able to tell challenging and emotional stories for three seasons in this very strange and unique world,” adding that it was a “life-changing experience” to work on the show. THR also notes that this comes as new executives at Hulu have trimmed some of the streaming service’s older offerings in favor “buzzy and high-end originals” like The Handmaid’s Tale or the upcoming Castle Rock.

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