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Hulu sees your Game Of Thrones, raises you a Throne Of Glass

Throne Of Glass cover art (Image: Bloomsbury)

Hulu and HBO don’t typically act like competitors in the way that, say, HBO and Starz might, but now Hulu is developing an epic fantasy series that could very well be its take on Game Of Thrones. This comes from Deadline, which says that Hulu is working on an adaptation of Sarah J. Maas’ Throne Of Glass book series with The 100’s Kira Snyder writing it and Underworld: Blood Wars’ Anna Foerster directing the pilot—assuming it actually gets to that stage, which it hasn’t at this point. Possibly to separate it from the similar-sounding Game Of Thrones, though, Hulu’s show will be titled Queen Of Shadows.

Maas’ original book series is about a female assassin named Celaena Sardothien who has “a mysterious past” and “only wants her freedom.” Over the course of the series’ six books, she “[makes] friends, enemies, and lovers,” and she’s “wildly underestimated by all of them.” That last bit is particularly surprising, since she looks like quite the badass in the cover art up above. Maybe long, white hair and a scowl aren’t as intimidating in this fantasy world as they are in ours? Hopefully that’s the sort of thing we’ll discover if this show goes to series.


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