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Hulu says we can all have Little Fires Everywhere a few hours early

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Photo: Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu)

Open up your coronavirus self-isolation stocking, because Santa Hulu has left us all a little gift in the shape of Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington: The streaming service’s adaptation of Little Fires Everywhere, which was supposed to come out tomorrow, is available now. Well, only the first three episodes are available now, but depending on your time zone those should carry you to tomorrow anyway. Of course, our own Gwen Ihnat pointed out in her review that the first few episodes of the show are a “slow burn,” so we might not be getting the juiciest stuff here, but it’ll at least give you a head-start on the juiciest stuff. Also, after these first three episodes, the remaining five installments will be released weekly, so maybe you shouldn’t burn through these too fast. Either way, now we’ll finally find out where all the little fires are… wait a minute, they’re everywhere? That’s so dangerous.

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