The Path is a flat circle, sort of

Hulu’s about-a-cult show, The Path, has moved one step closer to ensnaring humanity—the scripted drama now has a spring 2016 premiere date. The Path stars Aaron Paul as a cult member who just so happens to be married to another cult member (Michelle Monaghan). Together, they use their cult powers in service of the cult leader (Hugh Dancy), a rather charismatic fellow who only asks that you surrender your will as of this date, presumably. The series, which was created by Parenthood producer Jessica Goldberg, had to change its name after The Way International, a real-life ministry, got its way in court. The cast also includes Sons Of Anarchy alums Sarah Jones and Rockmond Dunbar as a former cult member in search of her missing husband and a detective investigating said husband’s disappearance, respectively.

Here’s a promo for the show, which we can’t promise won’t make you suddenly ditch your free-thinking life for one of servitude, er, contemplation. The Path premieres March 30, 2016 on Hulu.


[h/t TVLine]