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When we last saw our Shrill heroine Annie (Aidy Bryant) at the end of season one, she was on a bit of a high: She quit her toxic job after pubbing her explosive “Hello, I’m Fat” post, kicked off a promising relationship with Ryan (Luka Jones), and even confronted her online troll. Shrill and Annie and her enviable wardrobe will return with an eight-episode season two in January, and as Hulu announces today, “the high doesn’t last long. Annie realizes that quitting her job was a hasty move.” Annie also still has issues to work out with her parents (Daniel Stern and Julia Sweeney), and starts to have second thoughts about Ryan as well.


Granted, it wouldn’t be much of a Shrill season without some issues, but we look forward to Annie’s continued growth as a character, with Bryant’s winning performance. Hulu promises: “This season Annie is no longer the doormat she once was, but it’s not as easy as she thought to get what she always imagined she wanted.” But it looks like roller-skating is involved at some point, so that seems promising. The series returns on Hulu on January 24.

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