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Hulu refuses to learn from history, orders new show about cavemen

ABC's Cavemen

Refusing to learn the prehistoric lessons taught by ABC’s Cavemen—namely, that not even a spirited Nick Kroll performance can transform a mildly amusing Geico ad into watchable TV—Hulu has ordered a pilot for Dawn, a new drama about life in the Cenozoic. Masterminded by Without A Trace’s Hank Steinberg and Black Hawk Down’s Ken Nolan, and with a pilot directed by Maleficents Robert Stromberg, the show will center on a family of Neanderthals forced to question their place in the world after running into a group of Homo sapiens, the hot new species on the block. (Hot, in this case, because they’ve probably just discovered fire, and haven’t worked out all the bugs.)

Fola Evans-Akingbola, who recently had a small role on Game Of Thrones, is expected to star, alongside Temuera Morrison, Carl Shaaban, and Matthew Hopkinson. Presumably, we can all start counting the minutes until Evans-Akingbola’s character ends up in a Cro-Magnon Romeo And Juliet with a hot young human guy, all the better to birth dialogue like, “But Dad! He’s not like those other humans! He only uses tools for good!


[via Deadline]

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