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Hulu puts a Mac in its Seinfeld apartment, solving world’s last problem

Hello, new Mac.

Yesterday, we passed along the news that Hulu’s replica Seinfeld apartment—currently open to the public in New York as a promotion for the streaming service’s Seinfeld reruns—unconscionably put some bullshit PC on Jerry’s desk instead of a Mac. Since Jerry Seinfeld is a real-life Apple loyalist who placed four different Macs in his fictional home over the years (five if you count the Curb reunion), Hulu’s oversight was an off-key note in an otherwise painstaking recreation. But now Hulu has removed the bullshit PC and replaced it with a goddamn Mac already for pete’s sake, thus solving the world’s last problem and ushering in permanent utopia.

The Macintosh—quickly acquired by Hulu so internet people would shut up about it—is a Performa 200, which was an alternate marketing name for Apple’s Classic II model. On the show, Jerry never owned a Classic II or a Performa 200, but for years he did have a Macintosh SE/30, which looks similar and was essentially the Classic II’s predecessor. In other words, close enough.


Much credit for the change goes to Mashable’s Christina Warren, who was among the first to publicize Hulu’s goof. She has now graciously declared the apartment “perfect.” That might be overstating it, since the Mac is still accompanied by an incompatible PC keyboard rather than, say, an Apple Keyboard II, but we wouldn’t quibble over a tiny detail like that. I mean, we would, and we did, but we’re not going to anymore. Good work, Hulu.

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