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Hulu picks up Amy Poehler-produced comedy from Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner

Fans of excitable comedians rejoice, for Hulu has picked up Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner’s Amy Poehler-produced half-hour comedy Difficult People direct to series. Yes, that is a lot of names at once. Yes, all involved are thrilled to be working together— as Poehler says in a statement, “I tend to enjoy funny people creating and starring in comedy programs, and Julie and Billy are the funniest around.” Thrilled enough to run through the streets of New York City yelling at people about Meryl Streep? Maybe.

Difficult People has been in the works since May, and according to Deadline was in development at USA Network, until a move away from original comedy programming led to the project landing on Hulu instead. The show stars Klausner and Eichner as best friends living in New York City who consider themselves likable, even if no one else does. Klausner wrote the pilot episode, and if her Twitter feed is to be believed, Jake Fogelnest will be involved as well:


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