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Hulu picks up ’90s teen drama from James Franco and Seth Rogen

Freaks And Geeks

Before they were trying to take down a dictatorship or battling demons in the apocalypse, Seth Rogen and James Franco starred in the superlative yet shortlived dramedy Freaks And Geeks (and sure, probably smoked a lot of weed, but they’re still doing that, so.) Their next project will take them back to similar environs, as Variety reports that the duo is producing a new teen drama for Hulu. The as-yet-untitled series will be set in the ’90s, and is being written by Kelly Oxford, author of the best-selling Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar.

Variety doesn’t have any particulars on the show, which Rogen and Franco are producing with their other longtime collaborators Vince Jolivette and Evan Goldberg. So maybe these will be angst-ridden teens who live near a body of water, or on the Upper East Side—haven’t seen that before. But with Oxford writing the series, we could see something more female-centric; in response to Trump‘s bragging about sexual assault, she opened up about her own assault at the age of 12, thereby opening the flood gates for other users to disclose their own stories.


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