Pineapple Express

It’s no secret that comedy writing duo Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg smoke plenty of weed. So much, in fact, that their lingering “pot stench” allegedly prevented the not-at-all controversial Amy Pascal from moving into a new office that Rogen and Goldberg occupied while scripting The Interview. By now it’s probably safe to say that whatever room they conceived their latest collaboration in is probably just as saturated with marijuana resin as Pascal’s current office, because Hulu has ordered a pilot for that project.

Future Man is a half-hour series about a janitor by day, world-ranked video-game champion by night who saves humanity from extinction. The title character is “tasked with preventing the elimination of the human race after mysterious visitors from the future proclaim him the key to defeating an imminent super-race invasion.” You can practically hear Rogen’s signature giggle through a cloud of smoke flowing from Goldberg’s lungs as he exhales the premise.


The show is executive produced by Rogen and Goldberg along with James Weaver, Kyle Hunter, Ariel Schaffir, and Matt Tolmach. Rogen and Goldberg will also direct, and the script is written by Schaffir and Hunter. Little else is known so far about the main character besides his “janitor by day, world-ranked videogamer by night” descriptor, but it’s hard to imagine there’s much more to reveal down the road.