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Hulu orders new series from Rick And Morty co-creator Justin Roiland

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Justin Roiland, the co-creator of weirdo animated comedy super-hit Rick And Morty, has finally landed a new project that doesn’t involve prank calls, writing songs for Kanye West, or inadvertently making life miserable for McDonald’s employees (as far as we know). According to Deadline, Roiland and Rick And Morty writer/producer Mike McMahan have sold a new animated series to Hulu called Solar Opposites. The show is about a family of aliens from a “better world” who must hide out in middle America for some reason, with some of them bemoaning the frustrating turn of events and others deciding that America is actually pretty cool—presumably making them… solar opposites.

Roiland will lead the voice cast, naturally, alongside Sean Giambrone from The Goldbergs and Mary Mack from Golan The Insatiable. Solar Opposites already has a two-season order from Netflix, which means Roiland will have to balance his work on it with his commitment to develop a whopping 70 new Rick And Morty episodes for Adult Swim. Luckily, Solar Opposites won’t launch until 2020, so he’s got some time to crank out wacky shit for Rick and Morty to do.

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