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Hulu orders 8 new episodes of Veronica Mars, and nobody had to throw money at Kickstarter

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer (Getty Images)

Just about a month ago, we reported that Hulu was working on a plan to bring back cult classic mystery show Veronica Mars, with original creator Rob Thomas and original star Kristen Bell both set to return. Today, in a rare instance of something that is actually good happening in our miserable world, Hulu announced that it is indeed bringing Veronica Mars back for an eight-episode revival next year. Bell actually revealed the news herself on social media before Hulu sent out its press release, because nobody gets to the bottom of a mystery before Veronica Mars, and she also revealed that the streaming service has acquired the rights to the show’s original three seasons and the Kickstarted movie from 2014, all of which will be hitting Hulu next summer.


The original series ended with Veronica in college in California, but the movie time-jumped her to working at a law firm in New York, and Hulu’s press release makes it sound like she’ll be returning to her hometown of Neptune to revive the Mars Investigations private detective firm started by her father. Speaking of, the press release makes it sound like Mars Investigations consists of more than just Veronica, but it doesn’t say if Enrico Colantoni will be returning as Keith Mars. We can’t imagine the show working without him, especially if Veronica is going back to Neptune, but you never know when Colantoni will get the call for a Just Shoot Me revival.

Also, just because it’s worth stating: This will supposedly have no impact on Bell’s The Good Place schedule, so she should have no problem appearing on both shows.

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