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Hulu now offers HBO and Cinemax subscriptions

Game Of Thrones (Photo: HBO, Helen Sloan)

Catching up with Game Of Thrones just got a little easier for Hulu subscribers, as the streaming platform has announced a new HBO add-on service. Current subscribers can now watch the pay-cable network’s original content and more for $14.99 a month, which will also give them access to HBO Now so that they can binge, say, the first season of Insecure ahead of that show’s season two premiere. And in the coming weeks, other live channels like HBO 2, HBO Family, HBO Latino, and HBO Comedy will become available to these subscribers. For the Outcast and/or Banshee fans out there, Hulu’s also offering a Cinemax subscription for $9.99 a month, which will eventually include MoreMAX HD, ActionMAX HD, ThrillerMAX HD, among other Cine-bundled channels.

Hulu’s decision comes less than a year after Amazon rolled out its own HBO and Cinemax package to Prime members. The cost of the subscriptions is the same across both of these platforms, and also matches the price of HBO’s standalone service. Though there’s no cost-cutting incentive here, at least you can spend the time you saved not shopping around watching the previous season of Ballers instead.


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