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Some people may not have dug Parasite, but just about everyone else fell pretty readily for Bong Joon Ho’s enthralling tale of class warfare and cunning survival—including The Academy, which historically awarded the film four Oscars. Now, Deadline reports that Hulu—in an existing deal with distributor Neon—has secured the exclusive U.S. streaming rights for one of the most coveted properties in the film industry right now. The Best Picture winner will begin streaming on April 8.


Parasite, the modestly budgeted indie darling that won big at Cannes last year, continues to perform exceptionally in the box office, garnering over $210 million worldwide as of Monday. Its unfaltering popularity has led to a widening theatrical presence (including a one-week engagement in IMAX theaters) and an HBO series adaptation that is currently in development. Criterion also recently added the film to its prestigious collection of home releases alongside Bong’s 2003 serial killer thriller Memories Of Murder. But if you’d rather not wait to meet Jessica The Art Therapist, you can purchase Parasite on Amazon Prime right now.

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