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Hulu launches bold new "pay for stuff" business model

Good news for people who enjoy paying for things! The Hulu Plus premium service officially launched today, finally ending the lawless, Wild West era of watching whatever you want for free in exchange for sitting through a few commercials, and ushering in a new golden age of watching some of the things you want for $9.99 a month while also sitting through a few commercials. Hulu’s current price structure includes a “season ticket” that gives you access to all of the most recent episodes of shows like Glee, The Office, House, Modern Family, 30 Rock, and more, while allowing you to watch the complete runs of older shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, and Arrested Development. You can also stream them to your iPhone, iPad, Xbox, PlayStation, and Internet-enabled TVs. Those who don’t wish to pay for anything, meanwhile, can still access the five most recent episodes of shows from ABC, NBC, and Fox. And if you want to join the pay-for-stuff party, you’ll need an invite.


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