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Hulu just got the rights to all 13 seasons of King Of The Hill

Photo: Ray Mickshaw (Getty Images)

Although they frequently get overshadowed by bigger, louder, longer-running cartoon TV families, the Hill clan of Arlen, TX, remains one of television’s best depictions of mostly blissful domestic life. For 13 seasons, Hank, Peggy, Bobby, Luanne, and their various oddball neighbors represented an idealized—if frequently ridiculous—Texas on America’s TVs, making Mike Judge’s King Of The Hill a classic for anyone able to get past its initial “redneck comedy” trappings to find the heart and humor hiding within. Also, it gave us this:

Now, Hulu subscribers can make a return trip to Arlen, with the streaming service announcing today that it’s acquired all 13 seasons of Judge’s classic series for its streaming library. The deal is part of a much larger package that sees Hulu lock down streaming rights to most of Fox’s big non-Simpsons animated shows—including Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, American Dad!, The Cleveland Show, and Futurama—for an unspecified amount of time. Good news for Hulu users all around, then, and enough to earn a hearty, only slightly shocked “BWAAAAA” from us.


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