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Hulu just acquired a ton of FX shows

You're The Worst.

People with a Hulu Plus account, you’ve got some good news today. The subscription streaming service just signed a deal to be the exclusive home to a huge collection of existing and upcoming series from FX Networks. This means that Tyrant, You’re The Worst, Married, and The Strain—all shows that just wrapped their first seasons—will become available for streaming solely through Hulu Plus in advance of their season two premieres. They join other FX shows already on Hulu like Sons Of Anarchy, American Horror Story, Louie, Archer, Wilfred, The League, and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (all of which continue to be available through other outlets as well.)

However, the real coup for Hulu was securing the exclusive rights to numerous upcoming FX and FXX shows, a list that includes:

Baskets: The previously announced, Louis C.K.-produced comedy starring Zach Galifianakis as a man who leaves behind his corporate life in order to pursue his love of clowning, only to flunk out of clown school and wind up in a rodeo. (The title gets its name from Galifianakis’ character, and regrettably not because he’ll be living in an enormous basket.)


Man Seeking Woman: A half-hour comedy series starring Jay Baruchel and Eric Andre as men who are presumably seeking women, and—more importantly—providing FXX with some much-needed comedy reinforcements.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll: Also known as Denis Leary’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Wig Time, this show finds Leary playing a washed-up rock star trying to get the band back together.

The Comedians: Billy Crystal’s new show from producer Larry Charles, in which he plays an aging sketch comedy star who clashes with the younger, edgier Josh Gad.

Taboo: A period drama starring Tom Hardy and produced by Ridley Scott, the eight-part BBC miniseries is about a guy who looks like Tom Hardy taking on the East India Trading Company in the 1800s.


Anyway, despite having to include The Strain in this deal, Hulu is probably very excited. The subscription service will also have exclusive streaming rights to FOX’s upcoming M. Night Shyamalan miniseries Wayward Pines, in case anyone is excited about that. Current seasons of FX Networks’ series will still be available via the FX NOW app.

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