Photo: Greg Gayne (Hulu)

Good news for fans of anthology series of horror films and/or people who still don’t have Shudder for some reason: Hulu is bringing back more Into The Dark for another season, meaning you’ve got at least one additional year of watching monthly horror films and rolling the dice as to whether it will be one of the occasional good episodes, or merely one of the “meh” installments.

The program first launched last year in October, with producer Blumhouse Television tasked with providing 15 feature-length horror stories loosely grounded in a particular holiday or tradition from the month in which each one premieres. Now, Vulture reports the streaming service has renewed the anthology series for season two, ordering nine more episodes of Into The Dark and thereby guaranteeing Hulu subscribers will be getting at least one horror flick every 30 days through September 2020. Despite Hulu not releasing specific viewer data on its programs (like pretty much all its competitors), a company rep says Into The Dark has a devoted audience, leading them to invest in a second year of programming things that go bump in the night.


The show is in some ways a very director-led project, as it features a variety of interesting established and up-and-coming indie directors (albeit paired with the same crew for every Into The Dark), like Nacho Vigalando (Timecrimes, Colossal), who helmed the Christmas-themed episode Pooka, or Satanic Panic director Chelsea Stardust, and her installment All That We Destroy. The series’ high points are pretty universally agreed upon, though—New Year, New You (with Mr. Robot’s Carly Chaikin) and immigration horror story Culture Shock—so here’s hoping the new offerings lean more in that direction.