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Hulu is getting a bunch of classic TGIF shows

(Photo: ABC via Getty Images/ABC Photo Archives)

Netflix is trying to appeal to fans of the ‘90s with Fuller House, a sequel series to Full House, but even if the basic format of the show and most of the actors and characters are old, the show is still new and therefore scary. Luckily, for people who prefer the actual old experience, Hulu has picked up the streaming rights to the whole classic TGIF lineup. As announced in a press release, Hulu is getting the exclusive rights to every single episode of Full House, Family Matters, Step By Step, Perfect Strangers, and Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper. All in all, it comes out to more than 800 episodes of predictability, the milkman, the paperboy, and evening TV—though now you can watch it whenever and wherever you want.

The shows will make their Hulu debut on September 29 (a Friday, naturally), which comes just a few days after the 30th anniversary of the first episode of Full House.


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