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Hulu invites The Mindy Project to move in for a fourth season

Confirming the rumor that began circulating immediately after Fox canceled The Mindy Project, multiple sources are reporting that Hulu has picked up the sitcom for a 26-episode fourth season. Hulu has been The Mindy Project’s exclusive streaming home since 2014, and HitFix writes that though the service has so far only ordered the show’s fourth season, it has the option to renew the series for further episodes down the line. In other words, it’s ready to devote itself to The Mindy Project in the short-term, it’s just not so sure about a long-term commitment right this second. Maybe that’ll all change once Mindy has a baby and Chris Messina’s character gets back from India—right now, Hulu’s just trying to take things one season at a time.


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