Starting today, Hulu is the exclusive streaming home of all 17 episodes and 244 episodes of South Park. But as with everything South Park-related, it’s not so black-and-white: As announced at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, the show’s complete run to date will stream at through September 24. September 24, not too coincidentally, is the premiere date for the 18th season of South Park, episodes of which will join the Hulu lineup the day after they air on Comedy Central. At that point, a “revolving selection” of vintage episodes will be available for free on Hulu as well as South Park Studios, the site that was the previous exclusive online home of the show. South Park’s move to Hulu and the site’s subsequent summer-long marathon of the show beats The Simpsons’ upcoming migration to FXX and its 12-day Springfield binge—meaning that, for once, The Simpsons didn’t do it before South Park. Simpsons didn’t do it! Simpsons didn’t do it!