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Hulu doesn’t want to wait for all six seasons of Dawson’s Creek

Dawson's Creek

As part of a big licensing deal with Sony, Hulu has picked up the streaming rights to a handful of beloved shows from recent TV history, the crown jewel of which is a certain series about a rogue cop who does whatever it takes to bring criminals to justice—even if it means sinking to their level. That’s right, classic ‘90s teen drama Dawson’s Creek is heading to Hulu, along with Party Of Five, Damages, and The Shield. This comes almost a week after Hulu announced that it had picked up the streaming rights to Happy Endings, which was co-produced by Sony, so this is all probably part of the same deal. In addition to those TV shows, Hulu has also picked some Sony movies, including Jerry Maguire, Midnight In Paris, and My Best Friend’s Wedding.

This all comes from Variety, and as that site notes, this all seems to be part of a specific effort to pander to the sort of people who take those Facebook quizzes to see how much they love the ‘90s. After all, Hulu now has all of Seinfeld, a bunch of Nicktoons, all of Dawson’s Creek, all of Party Of Five, and Jerry Maguire, so it would only take a few weeks of streaming for someone to become a ‘90s expert. Then, they can ace those quizzes and finally put their friends from high school to shame. Take that, Karen!


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