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Most scripted television aficionados maintain a large and ever-growing list of buzzed-about shows that they swear they’re going to get around to watching just as soon as they can find a spare 13 hours in their week. Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins doesn’t see that as a problem, though: “My personal point of view is that there are too many crappy shows out there and not enough good shows,” Hopkins said yesterday at the Code/Media conference in Dana Point, California. “We’re all trying to make good shows.”

As the head of a streaming service that recently debuted the time-travel thriller series 11.22.63, this more-the-merrier attitude isn’t terribly shocking. Certainly not any more shocking than John Landgraf, president of basic cable network FX, lamenting the “peak TV” phenomenon—which floods our screens with a deluge of options and sends quality programs like FX’s The Comedians to an untimely grave—last year.


Hopkins also said that his streaming network is making a push to expand its roster of original programming, in an apparent effort to catch up with Netflix and Amazon. “We’ve been very aggressive,” he said of Hulu’s efforts to purchase quality shows from content creators. “We’ve been in virtually every conversation.”

[via The Hollywood Reporter]