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Hulu announces premiere dates for The Mindy Project and Jason Reitman’s Casual

The Mindy Project

Hulu, the streaming service that refuses to submit to the couch potato-friendly habit of binge-watching, has announced the premiere dates for two of its upcoming exclusives, The Mindy Project and Casual—the new series from Up In The Air and Juno’s Jason Reitman. Mindy will premiere its fourth season on September 15, with the series making the jump to Hulu after being canceled by Fox earlier this year. Casual will premiere on October 7, and as we’ve previously reported, the series will be about a bachelor brother and his recently divorced sister living together as they “coach each other through the crazy world of dating.” Like most Hulu shows, new episodes of Mindy and Casual will be uploaded weekly, meaning you’ll either have to let all of their episodes build up so you can watch them in one go, or just settle for one every week like normal TV. We’re not sure which one is more intolerable.


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