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Hulu announces documentaries about The Dana Carvey Show, Batman creator Bill Finger, and more

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Hulu entered the documentary-acquisition game this spring when it picked up the intricately punctuated, Ron Howard-directed The Beatles: Eight Days A Week—The Touring Years. Eight Days A Week debuts September 17 (the day after its theatrical premiere), and as Hulu’s head of content, Craig Erwich, told reporters today, it’s not the only doc of its kind in the streaming service’s queue.


At the Television Critics Association Summer press tour, Erwich announced the impending arrival of Limelight, a series of nonfiction films covering subjects who “forever shaped pop culture.” That includes The Dana Carvey Show—the short-lived ABC sketch series that helped launch the careers of Louis CK, Stephen Colbert, Charlie Kaufman, and Steve Carell—and the “heretofore unknown” (assuming you haven’t done any reading on the subject) story of Batman co-creator Bill Finger. Additional Limelight installments will cover one-and-done James Bond George Lazenby, the rise and Larry-Flynt-assisted fall of Big Brother magazine, and artist Shepard Fairey. You might quibble with Erwich’s contention that all of the Limelight subjects have had a world-changing impact on pop culture, but then you’d be exposing the fact that you’ve never seen Dana Carvey and Steve Carell doing “Germans Who Say Nice Things.”

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