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At the beginning of May, we reported that Lifetime was developing two projects about R. Kelly and the allegations that he keeps women in some kind of sex cult where they can’t do anything—including going outside or using the bathroom—without his permission. Lifetime’s projects are a documentary series and a full-length movie about his alleged victims, and now Hulu and BuzzFeed have announced a documentary feature of their own.

That comes from Variety, which says the film will be based on the reporting from BuzzFeed’s Jim DeRogatis and Marissa Carroll, with interviews from “key figures involved in Kelly’s past” like alleged victims and some of his “associates.” DeRogatis himself will narrate the film, which is still untitled and will—naturally—be distributed exclusively on Hulu. This R. Kelly project is Hulu’s second documentary team-up in the last few months, with the streaming service also picking up a series about the disastrous Fyre Festival back in April that comes from Billboard and Mic.


The announcement of this documentary comes after Spotify pulled R. Kelly’s music and a woman from Texas filed a lawsuit against him for sexual battery and false imprisonment.

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