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Hulk Hogan will play the villain in The Expendables 4, according to Hulk Hogan

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Former wrestling star Hulk Hogan may play the bad guy in a potential fourth Expendables movie, according to famed entertainment industry insider “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan. Speaking to fans at the U.K.’s annual Body Power Expo, Hogan revealed that he was in casual talks with Expendables executive producer Sylvester Stallone about appearing as a villain in the as-yet-hypothetical film.

Hogan, who first worked with Stallone on 1982’s Rocky III, said that the two had had a “great conversation” recently, discussing the possibility of Hogan following in the footsteps of other older action stars like Jean Claude Van Damme and Mel Gibson as the target of the mercenary team’s ire (and rockets). Specifically, Hogan might play “the most evil man in the world,” although what that appellation would mean in the context of a shared Stallone/Hogan worldview was left to the imagination. Non-murderers? PG-13-rated action movies? People who don’t bench?

This self-rumored Expendables role is just another stepping stone in Hogan’s storied career of almost being cast in thingsamong many other things, he’s been hinting for years that a Hulked-up Expendables sequel is what the franchise’s fans deserve. But apparently even a hypothetical Hogan his his limits, since the theoretical actor acknowledged that his body might no longer be up for all the tasks it won’t be asked to do: “‘Can I still run, can I still jump?’ Well, not as fast or not as high, but I think Hollywood could find a good stunt man to help me out.” It’s a beautiful dream that Hogan was woven for us all: a world in which the Hulkster, finally free from all the distracting stunts and physicality that have long held him back, is finally allowed to let his instrument sing.

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