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Illustration for article titled Hulk Hogan reiterates claim that he almost starred in emThe Wrestler/em, which remains news to Darren Aronofsky

Pausing briefly from discussing his sex tape to talk about a project people would be even less interested in seeing, Hulk Hogan used his Howard Stern interview to reiterate recent claims that he was originally meant to star in Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler, only to nobly refuse the project out of concern the public’s enduring Hulkamania would distract from the character. Hogan also reminded Stern’s listeners that he was originally intended to star in Highlander, that he might have played Little John in Mel Brooks’ Robin Hood: Men In Tights, and that Hulk Hogan tears through the fabric of accepted reality like an ordinary tank top—assertions that all went unchallenged, except by Aronofsky himself.

Responding to Hogan using the medium of Twitter, the Mean Gene interview of the web, Aronofsky shot back, “For the record, the role of the wrestler was always Mickey Rourke, it was never Hulk Hogan’s as he claims on Howard Stern. [Ohhhhhh yeahhhh! And when I see Hulk Hogan, it’s gonna be Requiem For A SCREAM when I cram my Black Swan down his Pi-hole! *kisses black-gloved fist* *flexes bicep*]"

[Note: Some portions of Aronofsky's remarks were merely implied.—ed.]

Fortunately, Hulk Hogan is never one to dwell for too long on the past that he completely invented, as he's already moving on to his next movie role he believes will be offered to him if he simply wills it into being, and is now saying his fans have been "demanding" he make an appearance in The Expendables 3. However, this one actually has some basis in truth, should you consider a Facebook page with 42 "Likes" to be a mandate from the masses that Sylvester Stallone should seriously consider. And if he doesn't, expect to hear Hogan discussing why he ultimately decided not to do the film in approximately a year, choosing instead to focus on rejoining Metallica on bass.  [via /Film]

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