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Screenshot: Destroying Giant Stress Balls (YouTube)

We live in stressful times. Whether it’s because of the toxic political discourse, the impending threat of environmental disasters, or the rapidly declining quality of our favorite fantasy show, we could all use a big, relaxing squeeze of a gigantic stress ball. However, as we recently discovered in a new video from the product-testers at Vat19, it may actually be more satisfying to run those stress balls over with a car, drop them from atop a two-story building, or shoot them with crossbows.

With a little help from a DIY vacuum chamber, hosts Danny and Jon are out here creating their own giant balloons filled with everything from chili to gelatin to Rice Krispies to, of course, smaller stress balls. Each resulting monstrosity has its own density and weight, and reacts completely differently to excessive force, but each individual destruction is satisfying as hell. If watching this video doesn’t give you at least some sense of relief, try this clip of a Furby getting smashed in a hydraulic press. That should do it. 


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