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Hugh Laurie would prefer not to be in the RoboCop movie after all

Stripping away a huge chunk of its protective interesting-character-actor armor, Hugh Laurie has decided not to be a part of MGM's upcoming RoboCop reboot, with Variety's Jeff Sneider reporting that he's "definitely out" of the villain role he was once set to play. Of course, as Sneider reminds, Laurie was never officially attached. But considering the film is due to start shooting in September, it seems as though producers had been charmed into thinking he was by Laurie's unfailingly polite Britishness, which prevented them from picking up on his apparent apathy. Oh, if only the British could come out of their shells of programmed quiet dignity and properly express their feelings, RoboCop wouldn't have to be scrambling to find someone else now. England: a nation of RoboCops.


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