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Hugh Laurie will likely play the villain in the RoboCop reboot

Capitalizing on his ability to remain coldly detached in the face of medical horror, MGM has entered negotiations with House star Hugh Laurie about playing the main villain in its RoboCop remake, a film whose titanium shell of interesting character actors continues to protect it against volleyed charges that it has no reason to exist. Laurie would co-star as the CEO of Omni Corp.—a parallel to Ronny Cox's Dick Jones in the first film, we suppose, though with slightly more Laurie-inspired likeability. No word yet on whether Laurie will be allowed to be British in the role, nor whether the cast —which so far includes Joel Kinnaman as the titular cyborg, Abbie Cornish as his (naturally) troubled wife, Samuel L. Jackson as a media mogul, and Gary Oldman as the scientist who creates RoboCop—still intends to save room for some version of Clarence Boddiker. Should they be hesitant about where he fits in, we feel we must remind MGM that he works for Dick Jones.


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