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Hugh Laurie joins the cast of Veep

The following contains spoilers from the third season of Veep, and also the 2012 presidential election, for those of you who DVR’d that and haven’t caught up yet.

With long-running drama The White House determined to stick to its ongoing “impassable gridlock” storyline, at least until star Barack Obama’s contract runs out after the 2016 season, viewers have turned their interest to fictional TV politics. And those are currently heating up over on HBO, as former House star Hugh Laurie has been spotted filming scenes for the upcoming season of Veep.

It’s still unknown what role Laurie will play, but with Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ bumbling Selina Meyer getting promoted to the Oval Office at the end of last season, it’s likely that Laurie will play President Meyer’s… wait for it… veep. While American audiences primarily know Laurie as a grumpy doctor, he got his start playing delusional blowhards in British comedies like Blackadder and Jeeves And Wooster, so he should fit right into American politics.


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