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Hugh Jackman would also like to be James Bond, if anyone’s wondering

Hugh Jackman in Pan

Lately, a lot of people have been talking about Idris Elba hypothetically playing James Bond someday. As it turns out, though, he’s not the only one who would like to hypothetically be James Bond, as Hugh Jackman would also like to see his name thrown around in these discussions. Jackman recently appeared on an Australian news show called The Program to answer questions from a huge panel of six or seven hosts and a particularly lively studio audience. During The Program, Jackman was asked if he would ever consider playing James Bond, prompting him to respond that he was “sort of” asked already. Unfortunately, he was filming X-Men 2 at the time and had to turn down the role—even though it was only “sort of” offered to him.

However, in a hypothetical situation in which Daniel Crag were to decide to hang up his tux and gadgets, Jackman would “seriously consider” taking the job—assuming they would still “sort of” offer it to him. Idris Elba has a lot more momentum behind his hypothetical James Bond casting, though, so he’d probably have to turn it down before Jackman could hypothetically consider it. Basically, no news has actually happened here, but Hugh Jackman would like us all to bring him up from time to time when talking about future James Bonds.


[h/t The Huffington Post]

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