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Hugh Jackman trades in the claws for The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian

The Wolverine

Hugh Jackman is taking a little break from comic book adaptations to do a YA adaptation. With Logan squarely behind him, Jackman has time to work on projects that do not require clanky claws and muttonchops, so now he’s producing an adaptation of Sherman Alexie’s 2007 YA novel The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian. The novel tells the story of Arnold Spirit Jr., a.k.a. Junior, a 14-year-old cartoonist living on the Spokane Reservation. Frustrated by a lack of opportunities, Junior decides to enroll in an off-reservation school, which turns out to be an all-white high school where the only other Native American is the school mascot.

The book, which includes illustrations by Ellen Forney, is based partially on Alexie’s own experiences growing up on the Spokane Reservation. The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian was Alexie’s debut YA novel; he also works as a stand-up comedian, screenwriter, film producer, songwriter, poet, and short story writer. He will adapt the book for screen himself. Temple Hill (the team behind several popular YA adaptations, including The Fault In Our Stars) and Donners’ Company (Deadpool) will produce.


Along with producing, Jackman is pulling a Brad Pitt move, and is set to take a supporting role in the film. He will make his final—allegedly—appearance as Wolverine in Logan, opening on March 3. He also stars in The Greatest Showman, which is now filming.

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