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Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart presumably know each other pretty well; the two have been working together off-and-on for the last 17 years on the X-Men franchise, including Logan, which opens next week. And yet, there are still some personal details you can’t learn about a friend until you’re in a truly intimate setting. A shared spa day. A late-night drinking session. The set of the Graham Norton Show.

We’ve praised Norton for his ability to get guests to tell good stories before, and this one is a doozy. We won’t ruin the punchline, but it opens with Stewart fervently arguing with his wife about whether he’s circumcised, and just sort of builds from there. Stewart’s delivery is as good as you’d expect a trained Shakespearen actor talking about his dick to be, but the real fun is watching Jackman crack up as a medical professional is forced to weigh in on the status of his co-star’s little Professor X.


[via The Daily Dot]

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