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Hugh Jackman might be just about done with playing Wolverine

The world’s most famous short, hairy man with crazy sideburns and metal claws is having a bad year. First, Marvel announced it would celebrate Wolverine’s 40th anniversary by killing him off—even though Hallmark says that’s usually the “ruby” anniversary. Now it seems Hugh Jackman is getting a little tired of playing him in every movie, as he’s suggested that his upcoming appearance in Days Of Future Past might be one of the last times we see him don the iconic… shirtlessness.

This news comes via an interview with SFX, in which Jackman reveals that he still hasn’t officially signed on for another solo Wolverine film, despite one already being scheduled. In fact, Jackman says he’s “at that point where unless it’s better than the last one, I’m not going to do it.” Hopefully the recently announced writers working on that next Wolverine sequel are aware that they’re now under a crazy amount of pressure to produce something worthy of Hugh Jackman—especially since we know now that, if he’s not in it, it’ll be because their script is lousy. However, even if Jackman does play Wolverine one more time, he’s “99.9 percent sure it would be the last.” So maybe the movies can keep things in line with the comics and just kill him off there as well. People would love that. A dead Wolverine for everyone!


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