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Illustration for article titled Hugh Jackman is being remarkably classy about the woman who threw a pubic hair-filled razor at him

Demonstrating the sort of unflappability honed over decades on the stage, Hugh Jackman had a commendably calm response to a stalker who threw an electric razor full of her pubic hairs at him, a scene for which there simply is no rehearsal—like the sudden slip of a scrim during your big musical number, only it’s filled with pubic hairs. Jackman was in the middle of what is presumably his hourly workout at Gotham Gym on Saturday, when a woman named Kathleen Thurston slipped inside and headed directly for Jackman, “hysterically sobbing” as she screamed, “I love you!” before throwing an electric razor filled with her pubic hair at him.


Thurston was quickly dragged out by a gym staffer, arrested a few blocks away, and charged with stalking Jackman—this apparently being just the latest in a string of scary confrontations he’d had with the woman, who currently resides at a shelter for the mentally ill. Nevertheless, Jackman remained gracious about it all, telling reporters, “Here's a woman who obviously needs help, so I just hope she gets the help she needs,” and saying, “I suppose for me the primary concern is my family, obviously.” Which is perhaps the classiest of all possible endings to a story about a pubic hair-filled razor attack, save only if he'd said this while wearing a top hat.

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