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At this point, it’s somewhat difficult to tell where Hugh Grant begins and his film roles end. Cantankerous, acerbic, occasionally charmingly befuddled—these could be used to describe any number of Grant’s movie characters and/or real life public interactions. Some of his best recent examples have come from the actor passionately stumping alongside both Labour and Liberal Democrat candidates leading up to British elections, promoting “tactical voting” in an effort to stave off a looming national catastrophe in the form of Boris Johnson, Brexit, and all the madness that would ensue.

This, of course, has earned him a fair amount of Tory scorn and online trolling. And (also, of course) this being Hugh Grant, last night he went ahead and did his detractors a favor, cheekily posting his Los Angeles arrest photo from 1995, conveying that yes, he’s aware he was once put in handcuffs for soliciting a prostitute and doesn’t really give a bloody hell what you think about it.


“To my dear trolls. Hope this is helpful. Now you have more time to spend with mummy,” he tweeted with side-by-side mugshots of he and Divine Brown.

Honestly, the image looks like the poster for a particularly naughty Hugh Grant comedy that never made it to theaters, proving once again that, oh Hugh, you rapscallion, you really can charm your way out of pretty much anything, can’t you?

But also, more importantly, Britain really doesn’t need a Tory majority again...

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