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Hugh Grant officially breaks things off with Bridget Jones 3

There were rumors a few years ago that Hugh Grant wasn’t happy with the script for Bridget Jones’ Baby—the third film in the Bridget Jonesiverse—but, despite some complications that required the movie to be delayed, we reported that Grant was “really, seriously, honestly committed” to the movie. Now, though, Grant has apparently found himself completely unable to deal with Bridget Jones and her delightful quirkiness and wacky fantasies, so—According to The TelegraphGrant has officially dumped dumped her and “quit [the third Bridget Jones movie] for good.”

As for why he chose to end things so abruptly, Grant was evidently still unhappy with how the script was looking, telling a British radio station that “the book’s excellent, by the way, but the script is completely different.” The book he’s referring to is Helen Fielding’s Mad About The Boy, the third book in the Bridget Jones series, which Fielding is apparently helping to adapt into the movie version. In the book, Mark Darcy—Jones’ other notable love interest, played in the films by Colin Firth—dies in a car accident, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in the movie. Maybe that’s what Grant is so unhappy about? He was excited to finally get a shot at Reneé Zellweger without having to worry about competition.


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