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Hugh Grant is either an old man or movie theaters are just too damn loud

Photo: Kevork Djansezian (Getty Images)

Hugh Grant, whose best movie is definitely Paddington 2, may be making a new case as to why the movie theater industry is struggling (if you believe that sort of thing) in today’s post-MoviePass world: everything’s too damn loud. Grant, who, like all of us, loves using Twitter to vent about politics and ask for stolen goods back, recently took to the platform to let the world know that either he’s an old man or movies are too loud.


This is regarding his recent viewing of Joker, by the way. After Grant straight up @’d Vue Cinemas to file a complaint over social media, the company tried to settle things with the British actor. Things ended with a too-on-the-(clown)-nose dad gag of the real joke being “on us.”

Fellow olds theatergoers chimed in with their own cinema gripes, piling on a list of complaints to movie theaters in general.


Ironically, Grant’s upcoming film, The Gentlemen (known colloquially as Toff Guys), looks pretty damn loud itself. Maybe he’ll be catching this one at home. 

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