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Hugh Dancy books another TV gig as Hannibal slowly bleeds out


Despite all of the evidence to the contrary, a small group of Hannibal Fannibals have held on to the hope that someone, somewhere will swoop in and rescue their beloved serial-killer show. Unfortunately, much like pretty much every character at the end of the show’s second season, it’s just laying on the floor and gushing blood from an open wound while the killer (NBC) runs off with Gillian Anderson—or a metaphorical Gillian Anderson, at least.

The latest nail in Hannibal’s visually compelling coffin is the news that star Hugh Dancy has just signed on to The Way, Hulu’s upcoming cult drama that is not at all related to a popular religion that was founded by a sci-fi writer in the ’50s and has since grown into a massive corporation built on blackmail and brainwashing. That comes from Entertainment Weekly, which reports that Dancy will be playing “the charismatic Cal Roberts,” who is the guy in charge of the cult. Michelle Monaghan and Aaron Paul will also star in The Way as a married couple that has joined up with Dancy’s organization.


The Way comes from executive producer Jason Katims (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood), and it will premiere on Hulu some time next year.

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