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Howard Stern officially joining America's Got Talent

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Confirming last month’s rumors, Howard Stern announced on his radio show this morning that he had signed a contract to join the America’s Got Talent panel, replacing Piers Morgan as the latter turns his attentions back to tapping the nation’s line and listening in on its political future. And as expected, the show will be relocating to accommodate Stern, hopefully piling Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel, and Nick Cannon into a jalopy and shuttling them cross-country, Grapes Of Wrath-style, as they set off in search of more borderline personalities with delusions of fame in New York, of all places—which, good luck. Stern is expected to bring an “aura of unpredictability,” in the New York Times’ words, which we believe is a roundabout way of saying America will be surprised to learn that he enjoys shitty ventriloquism more than one might expect.


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