Expensive food isn’t a new thing. Using ingredients like Wagyu beef, Beluga caviar, and an exorbitant amount of saffron, you can rack up a pretty hefty bill for a single meal. But rather than use the finest foods the culinary world has to offer, this gentlemen on the YouTube series How To Make Everything decided to make a sandwich absolutely from scratch, and it only took him six months and cost $1,500.

Just what does “from scratch” mean here? Well, a good portion of the cost appears to be the trip he took to the ocean to get his salt, but he also makes his own cheese, grows his own produce, and slaughters his own chicken. And if you thought it might taste better having worked so hard on a single meal, that doesn’t appear to be the case. “It’s not bad,” the guy says before hunching over in disappointment, surely wondering why he didn’t just go to Quiznos like everyone else in the world.

[Via Mashable]