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How to make an edible version of Homer Simpson’s moon waffles

Image: Fox

Homer Simpson was the original Andrew Zimmern, an indulger of foods so bizarre that they made his stomach resistant to cannonballs. For example, he’s eaten petroleum jelly, hot dogs out of kiddie pools, and a soup consisting of frozen pie crust, cloves, and Tom Collins mix. Perhaps his greatest culinary invention, however—aside from the Flaming Moe, of course—has to be his signature moon waffles, which he first makes in season four’s “Homer The Heretic.”

The recipe is simple: Pour caramel, waffle batter, and liquid smoke into a waffle iron, then wrap the resulting mass around a stick of butter. Simple enough, right? And, well, it is. But if there’s one thing Andrew Rea, host of the YouTube cooking show Binging With Babish, hopes to impart in his latest video, it’s never, ever make them. Not if you value your waffle iron, at least.


Instead, he provides a more palatable recipe that honors the original’s ingredients while refining the process.

Swapping in smoked sea salt in lieu of liquid smoke is an especially inspired choice, because that stuff has no place outside of a BBBQ (the extra B is for BYOBB).

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