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How to make a Flaming Moe and other cocktails from The Simpsons

Screenshot: The Simpsons

On The Simpsons, Homer Simpson accidentally creates the Flaming Moe by emptying out his liquor cabinet and adding a vital dose of grape children’s cough syrup. The resulting popular flaming drink made Moe’s a brief hotspot.

Now Cocktail Chemistry offers a video tutorial called “Cocktails From The Simpsons,” showing how to make some of The Simpsons’ favorite drinks. By freeze-framing the scene where Homer makes the Flaming Moe, our bartender is able to make out the unsavory combination of tequila, peppermint schnapps, creme de menthe, and grape children’s cough syrup. He then makes it on his own, calling it the Flaming Homer, and announces, “In conclusion, there’s no reason to make the Flaming Homer.” It doesn’t even light on fire. He then tweaks the recipe by adding a creme de violette for the purple aspect, along with gin, cointreau, and lime juice. To light the drink on fire properly, he creates a “lime boat” in the center, adds some 150 proof, and sets it on fire. Much improved.


Next up: The Skittlebrau, which Homer demands from Apu and describes as beer with candy floating in it. So our bartender dumps some Skittles into a beer and declares it not that bad, but a little sweet. For an improved drink, he mixes hefeweizen, lemon juice, and ginger beer to create a much more palatable shanty.

In fact, about the only Simpsons drink this guy can’t fix is the “single plum in perfume floating in a man’s hat.” Even the Flaming Moe is better.

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