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Just in time for everyone on the show to freak out about a brand-new murder, ABC has already begun airing a promo teasing a second season of How To Get Away With Murder this fall. Given that no official announcement has been made, ABC is apparently adopting the old middle school tactic wherein two kids stop acting like a couple, letting everyone else spread the news that they’ve obviously broken up without having to say anything themselves. The show ended the season as one of the most-watched new shows, and the top-rated 10 p.m. drama, so renewal seems like a given.


Unless, of course, that’s exactly what ABC wants you to think. Of course—a classic misdirect! It’s so subtle, you won’t even notice when ABC begins choking the life out of the show. Although the choking is more likely to be from the deluge of network notes asking to please tone it down with all the death stuff, and maybe there doesn’t need to be a murder, and so on. Typical helpful network involvement, we’re guessing.

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