In case—and this is a big ’in case’—you’ve ever found yourself standing in front of your closet asking yourself “fairy tale princess or dashing superhero?,” geek chic stylist CuriousJoi wants you to know that you should never have to choose. She has recently combined the characters of Cinderella and Captain America into one piece of flashy cosplay, and it’s sort of surprising how well it works.

If you want to try the look yourself, Joi has made an incredibly detailed-how to video, right down to keeping bandaids on-hand, should you have any scissor mishaps.

Since hair and makeup are obviously pretty crucial to this look, she enlists the help of her pals Dawn Syrian and Myesha Starks to help complete her transformation. They also provide a play-by-play, should you want to sport this look yourself.

One thing is clear, Captain America has vastly more sturdy footwear. Lace up boots beat flimsy glass slippers any day.