viā€¢ral vid|e|o (viĀ“rel vidĀ“ē ō) n. a video that becomes popular through the process of Internet sharing, typically through internet media sharing websites.

not a viā€¢ral vid|e|o (not a viĀ“rel vidĀ“ē ō) n. a video thatā€™s been brainstormed and test-marketed by a well-paid ad agency, which stars one of the biggest, beigest celebrities in the world slumming with a bunch of viral-video shorthand, released to a bunch of media outlets via a press release titled ā€œJennifer Aniston sex tapeā€ that urges them to help make it the next ā€œInternet sensationā€ along with a gentle reminder to mention Smartwater.

Okay Smartwater, consider yourself mentionedā€¦ as a purveyor of really terrible not-a-viral-videos. Internet, letā€™s band together to resist the allure of cute puppies and that weird lip-syncing kid and NOT forward this crotch-kick of a video to anyone, ever, in hopes that ad agencies will stop trying to pull this shit on us.