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How I Met Your Mother to do episode entirely in rhyme to waste more lyrically its fans' precious time

Telling a tale stretched over nine seasons, How I Met Your Mother has similarly taxed its fans’ boundaries of reason. And now that its final year seems even more like stalling, its producers have devised a gimmick most galling: An episode told entirely in rhyme, to pass more poetically its fans’ wasted time. The news come from E!, who heard from Cobie Smulders, who loves the conceit, though nothing rhymes with “Smulders.” And while it should do little to hasten the finale—where we finally see Future Ted, regaling two rats in an alley—the stunt should aid our understanding of the mother, as she and Ted endure a “rhyming” episode without killing one another. But for those who find the structure of this Newswire cloying, just wait for the episode, which will be way more annoying.


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