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How I Met Your Dad adds actors from Workaholics, Masters Of Sex, and Smash

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How I Met Your Dad— the frustratingly titled How I Met Your Mother sister-series that should obviously have been called How I Met Your Father—will tell the story of how Greta Gerwig’s Sally got divorced and proceeded to have sex with a lot of people, before finally meeting her husband at the longest wedding weekend in the world. (Or something like that.) And having surprised the Twitterverse with Gerwig’s unexpected casting, HIMYD has now quietly filled out the rest of its ensemble.


According to TV Line, Workaholics Anders Holms will play Gavin, Sally’s soon-to-be ex-husband. Smash’s Krysta Rodriguez will play Sally’s best friend, a fashion blogger named Juliet. And Masters Of Sex’s Nick D’Agosto has been cast as Juliet’s go-to IT guy (and potential will-they-won’t-they partner?) Frank. Meanwhile Mixology’s Andrew Santino will star as Sally’s older brother Danny, an uptight lawyer—a casting contingent on Mixology not getting a second season renewal (which definitely seems unlikely). Rounding out the central cast is newcomer Drew Tarver as Danny’s husband and Sally’s confidante.

The only substantial role not yet cast is the future-Sally narrator, i.e. the female Bob Saget to Gerwig’s Josh Radnor, whose disembodied voice recounts her sexcapades for her children. Given that Gerwig’s casting gave an unexpected art-house quality to the series, they might as well double down on the classiness and cast Meryl Streep.

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